reDefine, reThink, reBuild - tips for your next event

reDefine, reThink, reBuild – these are now common words woven into conversations when speaking with clients on how they are managing and navigating the ongoing effects COVID is having on their business, staff, and how this then translates when considering a move back into exhibiting at events. At Exhibit Group we have not been immune to the impact ...
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The best way to store your signage and exhibition stand

With many New Zealand companies downsizing their office space few now have available areas to store their exhibitions displays and event signage at their own premises, nor do they have the 'time' to effectively manage this collateral - particularly if they are exhibiting at multiple events around the country, as the management of each event can be ...
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Why you should consider a Portable Display Stand...

The New Zealand event industry has been impacted extremely hard over the last 12 months due to multiple Covid-19 lockdowns, and unfortunately the industry may continue to experience an element of uncertainty in the months ahead with the possibility of events needing to be rescheduled or cancelled. So now is the time to plan ahead and be prepared wi...
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Cost Effective Tips To Refresh Your Exhibition Stand

It is so exciting to see the event industry in New Zealand back up and running! We are certainly one the most fortunate countries in the world to be able to hold large scale events and trade shows again without any major restrictions, and we certainly hope that does continue. Now is the ideal time to ensure your display stand is ready for all your ...
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Portable Display Options In An Ever-Changing Event Industry

The exhibition industry in New Zealand came to a grinding halt this year due to COVID19 – however, it is without a doubt, the industry will pick itself up, dust itself off, and get back up and running very soon now that Alert Levels are being lowered around the country. So, now is the time to plan ahead for your future events to ensure you're ready...
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Portable Displays are needed more now than ever!

Portable Displays
Large trade shows in New Zealand have been put in turmoil over the last few months due to Covid-19, and with the current restrictions on large events, you may not be able to utilise a large custom build display stand in the months ahead. So now is the time to also have displays that are portable and flexible to ensure you can still showcase your br...
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