Cost Effective Tips To Refresh Your Exhibition Stand

It is so exciting to see the event industry in New Zealand back up and running! We are certainly one the most fortunate countries in the world to be able to hold large scale events and trade shows again without any major restrictions, and we certainly hope that does continue. Now is the ideal time to ensure your display stand is ready for all your upcoming events in the months ahead.

The Exhibit Group team are here to provide advice and assistance on refreshing your display stand with cost effective options to ensure you maximise your investment. Below are some time-saving and budget-saving ways to update, revitalise and even re-purpose your existing trade show stand.

Refresh Your Graphics

One of the easiest things you can do to update the look and feel of your display is refreshing your graphic panels. A graphic refresh for both Portable Displays and Custom Build Displays is a relatively cost-effective option which will make a dramatic visual change to your stand without having to make structural alterations or having to purchase new hardware.

Refresh Your Flooring

An effective way to enhance your booth, which many people overlook, is to add flooring (this is often referred to as the 5th wall of your exhibit). The colour or style of your flooring substrate can make a dramatic visual change and there are various flooring options available either for hire or purchase such as carpet, wood flooring, tile flooring or our customized branded Grafico Portable Flooring.

Lift Your Brand

Don't limit yourself to just your floor space. Stand out and be seen from all over the exhibition hall and drive attendees to your stand with high impact hanging banners. Our range of Nomadic Portable Fabric Hanging Banners are designed to make a big impact and drive brand recognition.

Motion and dramatic lighting features onto your display stand can also add a huge amount of exposure for a relatively small budget allocation.

Reconfigure The Layout Of Your Stand

With our Portable Displays and to some degree our Custom Build Displays, the physical layout can often be altered to change the appearance and functionality of your stand without having to start from scratch. With booth layout allocations often changing show to show we can work with you to reconfigure your build. You can also adjust your display stand by incorporating other rental components allowing you an affordable solution to customisation.

Contact Us And Start Planning Today

Our team of experts are here to work with you to ensure you can maximise the potential out of your existing display. Contact Us today and let's explore your options.

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