Portable Displays are needed more now than ever!

Large trade shows in New Zealand have been put in turmoil over the last few months due to Covid-19, and with the current restrictions on large events, you may not be able to utilise a large custom build display stand in the months ahead. So now is the time to also have displays that are portable and flexible to ensure you can still showcase your brand at smaller sized boutique and regional events. 

Exhibit Group has a large range of affordable portable displays options which are cleverly designed to be lightweight and cost effective which only take one person to setup with no tools required. Our extensive range of Nomadic Pop-Up Displays, Expand & Grafico display options are world-class and of the highest quality. 

Here are some key reasons why Portable Displays might be the right option for you:

  • Lower Cost Alternative
    Portable Displays are a lot more affordable than larger Custom Build Stands, and we also provide an Image Care service to maintain and repair your displays to ensure long term use.

  • Flexibility
    Smaller portable display options allows you to use your displays in so many different environments such as conferences, functions, roadshows or smaller events giving you the flexibility to easily take it with you when your displays are needed.

  • Graphic Changeouts
    One key advantage to having a portable display allows you to change out the graphic panels quickly and easily whilst allowing you to keep and reuse the framework for long term use.

  • Fast Turnaround
    The turnaround time for a portable display is a lot shorter than a larger Custom Build Stand. If you need a display in a hurry – Exhibit Group have you covered. We can produce you a high-quality portable display in no time at all.

  • Fast and easy Set-up
    The beauty about portable displays, is that they can be setup quickly and by anyone in your team. We provide training on all our displays to ensure it can be assembled and taken down with no issues at all.

The Exhibit Group range of portable Pop Display Stands are built to last and can be scalable to grow right along-side your business needs.

Our Nomadic Pop Up Displays such as the Nomadic Instand Classic and Nomadic Instand Plus have a collapsible frame which are super easy to setup, store and transport, and are backed with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Our Expand Range of portable displays offers a range of versatile and high quality displays systems such as the flexible Expand LinkWall System and the Expand GrandFabric which can be used both indoors or outdoors with an outdoor conversion kit. The Expand range of retractable Pull Up Banners are by far the high quality in the world.

Our inhouse Grafico range of high quality portable displays provides you with cost effective alternatives such as our Grafico Fabric System or Grafico Fabric Wall.

Contact our experienced Exhibit Group team about which portable display would be the right solution for you.

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