reDefine, reThink, reBuild - tips for your next event

reDefine, reThink, reBuild – these are now common words woven into conversations when speaking with clients on how they are managing and navigating the ongoing effects COVID is having on their business, staff, and how this then translates when considering a move back into exhibiting at events.

At Exhibit Group we have not been immune to the impact of COVID - it has hit the Event Industry hard. However, with over 30 years of experience within the industry, our team have a huge amount of knowledge, understanding and learning's to draw on, to ensure we can support you and your team as we consider what exhibiting may look like moving forward.

Let's face it, budgets once set aside to support exhibiting at events are likely to have been redirected into other areas, as companies have simply tried to survive these past few years. This means that as we move towards the reopening of events, it has never been more important to explore and develop a quality display that will deliver both on budget and function.

We have some great solutions and tips to help you get started!


Whether you have a Custom Display or a Portable Display we can work with you to re-purpose your existing hardware and develop a brand new concept. What better way can you think of to get a fresh new look with minimal investment?

Learn more here to view how one of our clients re-purposed their existing stand into an revitalised new look.


Event needs can change; this can be anything from the message we want to communicate, the target audience we are engaging with, to the scale of the stand you are exhibiting within. When developing displays and considering solutions, having a single display you can reConfigure to suit your needs is an effective and cost efficient way of making your investment go further. Consider a solution where you can add or subtract components and interchange graphics with ease.

To learn more how a display stand can be reconfigured contact us today.


Many clients have what we have dubbed 'event-planning fatigue': the constant and cruel cycle of planning for an event that is then postponed or cancelled. We appreciate it takes many hours to activate a successful tradeshow, as there are so many moving parts that must come together. Our experienced Display Consultants are here to support you to reConnect with your customer base, and can partner with you in the planning and management of your next show. We also have inhouse services that can take the pressure off you and your team – reach out to us today to discuss how we can support you with your next event.

Talk to us today about how Exhibit Group can assist you reConnect at future events on 0800 EXHIBIT (38 44 24) or visit our Contact Us page.

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