The best way to store your signage and exhibition stand

With many New Zealand companies downsizing their office space few now have available areas to store their exhibitions displays and event signage at their own premises, nor do they have the 'time' to effectively manage this collateral - particularly if they are exhibiting at multiple events around the country, as the management of each event can be incredibly time consuming and stressful due to the numerous tasks and logistics involved.

Whilst there are many offsite storage options available you would be hard pressed to find anything that compares to what Exhibit Group provides with our unique Display Management Service (DMS). We offer more than a storage solution. With a team dedicated to fully managing your event needs our DMS service is designed specifically to make exhibiting a hassle-free success.  

We are great supporters of reusable displays rather than one off use disposal options (which just adds to landfill), and therefore we understand how important it is to manage and store our clients display equipment effectively for ongoing use at multiple events. Our Exhibit Group DMS facility is secure and managed by a professional team who are passionate about taking care of our DMS clients event requirements.

DMS is ideal for NZ franchise of multi-office organisations as it efficiently centralises equipment for shared use which eliminates the needs for double-up purchasing. It also ensures businesses have consistency with brand messages and cohesiveness across all their events.

Our DMS service includes a customised online booking service for fast and efficient ordering processing which allows businesses to schedule their events, check availability and book equipment.

To ensure we keep our DMS clients displays in top condition, our team perform a visual examination of all parts and graphics related to your equipment after each event. We clean, service and repair (if necessary) to ensure its ready to go for the next event booking. We also provide a setup & pack down service which then allows your staff to remain focused on what they do best – generate sales at the event.

6 Ways DMS Can Help Save Your Business Money

  1. Eliminate the numerous hours your staff spend locating equipment, packing and shipping displays, coordinating freight costs / quotes and chasing couriers.

  2. Save money on replacement parts and new displays as the DMS process checks all returned orders for missing or broken parts and follows up on all orders, resulting in a huge reduction of lost / missing equipment.

  3. Get more bang for you buck... Exhibit Group have a dedicated team to maintain, clean and service your display equipment therefore lengthening its life span.

  4. Reduce costs by centralising all your display equipment. No need to waste money with bulk or multiple purchasing for all branches.

  5. Save money by eliminating double up on display hardware across brands / branches / divisions. DMS enables the sharing of display hardware. Graphics can be easily "changed out" for different brands, therefore you need fewer displays to get the job done well.

  6. By having Exhibit Group set up and dismantle your stand at events, you can reduce your expenses on staff accommodation and food, and minimise the cost of taking sales reps off their sales calls just to setup their stand for a tradeshow. Also ensures that your staff stay energised and fresh to perform well and get results at the event.

Contact US

We can tailor DMS to suit your needs and budet. If you think our DMS Service can be of benefit to your business, contact us today!

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