At Exhibit Group we’ve developed our business to make everything easier for yours. We can provide whatever you need, whether it’s a helping hand with your display the night before launch, the services of our in-house production facilities, or the superb convenience of our full display management service (DMS).

At Exhibit Group, our aim is to provide you with a total solution—delivering as much (or as little) as you require from your exhibition partner.


If your business or organisation exhibits at multiple events each year, our Display Management Service is a convenient service that can help you save time and money. Designed to make exhibiting a hassle-free success, DMS takes care of all your equipment needs. We will store your equipment, set up at the show venue, pack down, clean, service and repair (if necessary) and store it again ready to go for next time.

DMS is ideal for franchise or multi-office organisations, as it efficiently centralises your equipment for shared use and eliminates double-up purchasing. Instead of costly freighting of goods between offices – with the risk of loss or damage – your equipment is securely stored at Exhibit Group’s central depot.  It also provides consistency with brand messages and ensures cohesiveness across all your events.

To assist with your company-wide event planning, DMS includes an online booking service. This allows your staff to schedule their events, check availability, book your display equipment, and should you require extra displays for any event, our hire equipment is also available.  We can tailor DMS to suit your needs and budget.  Customised reports are provided for management on equipment usage and condition, event history and users.



Co-ordinating your events and ensuring you receive maximum return from your marketing investment is a hard enough task, without having to worry about the transport logistics of getting your display from point A to point B.  With over 30 years of experience, the Exhibit Group team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to shipping your display systems around the country.

Eliminate your staffs time spent packing and shipping displays, coordinating freight costs / quotes, chasing couriers and locating equipment.  Limit damage and loss to your equipment by having our team of display experts handle your equipment and ensure its transported appropriately.



Exhibiting can be rather daunting, and sometimes not everything goes right on the day! Finding out too late you don't have sufficient power or that you have inadequate lighting, through to unforeseen height or venue restrictions can be extremely stressful. Exhibit Group provides specialist project-management services – where we help our clients plan, create and install their displays stands so they can exhibit regionally, nationally or internationally hassle-free.

Most customer’s choose to use Exhibit Group’s complete install service—which is a complete walk-on/walk-off solution for your event. Our install team will set up and pack down everything for your stand, and ensure all equipment is running smoothly and looking it’s best. This is ideal for larger displays and stands with a significant amount of furniture and/or audio-visual components. We take care of everything for you— keeping your show staff fresh for the event itself  and freeing up your salespeople to concentrate on what they are good at.



To find out how this service can help or support your organisation, call us today for a free consultation.