• CB Series Fabric Counter
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  • Large seamless graphics
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  • Huge storage space
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  • Customised for your project
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  • Compatible with other displays
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  • Stylish yet portable
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  • Compliment your display stand
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  • Accessorise your portable display
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Where portability, strength and style come together.

CB Series Fabric Counter has an aluminium framework, easily put together with an Allen key.

The graphic fabric wrap provides a large seamless area for maximum branding exposure.

  • Strong, robust construction
  • Customised with graphics to promote your brand
  • Large internal shelf ideal for heavy objects
  • Fabric panels can be easily interchanged
  • Portable and easy to handle/transport
  • Compact to go into a car or boot
  • Easy and convenient to store
  • Durable, high-quality carry bag
  • Easy to clean

Event Collateral Information

CB Series Fabric Counter is designed with strength as a key factor whilst being totally portable.

  • High-quality dye-sublimation fabric print can be easily interchanged and cleaned.
  • Lids are a durable melamine faced MDF making them a perfect work surface for various applications. 
  • Standard lid colours are black or white, however other colours are available on request.
  • Lids can be customised with cable ports, iPad holders or custom graphics.
  • Our quality promise - send it back to us to replace with updated printing, rather than throw away!




Suitable for…

  • Activations and marketing campaigns
  • Sales station
  • Lectern
  • Exhibition plinth
  • Brochures and product information
  • Conferences, conventions, summits
  • Demonstration counters
  • Exhibition counter or desk
  • Expos, trade shows and fairs
  • Food demonstration or sampling table/stand
  • In-house hosting or training workshops
  • Portable information/reception desk
  • Product displays and launches
  • Retail, showrooms
  • Sales presentations, AGMs, awards and graduation ceremonies
  • Sponsorships, roadshows, sports and community events
  • Supermarket, mall, shopping centre or instore demonstrations/promotions
  • Survey, questionnaire or customer feedback stand
  • Wine or drinks tasting table

Overall Counter Size

  • Height: 1015mm
  • Width: 1055mm
  • Depth: 555mm

The CB Series Fabric Counter comes with high quality dye-sublimination detachable and interchangeable fabric graphic wraps.  These can be refreshed with your new image or promotion by simply re-skinning.

For logos and branding - we can help you with your graphic design or supply specifications for your own designer.

Premium, durable fabric designed and tested for long term and frequent use.

  • Non reflective matt fabric with superb depth
  • Excellent high quality fabric print surface
  • High density of dark colours
  • High accuracy for colour matching
  • Doesn’t crease as easily as satin or polybanner fabrics
  • Easy to clean



Customise Your Lid

  • Add a cable port to tidy cables if using a laptop or screen
  • Add a custom graphic to match your theme
  • Other lid colour options available on request. Talk to us today!


iPad Holder

Add a Grafico iPad Holder to finish it off.  Either a clip-on version to your premium counter top or a fixed holder for ultimate security.