Trade shows and exhibitions provide businesses with unparalleled opportunities to reach a large number of potential and existing clients, members of the media, industry leaders, strategic partners and key opinion leaders, and a successful trade show can boost a business to new levels of industry prominence. In order to maximise your investment, everyone involved must get on board with setting goals for planning, executing, and following up on leads.

Maximise the return on your trade show investment with these helpful hints:
  1. Recognise opportunites and set clear goals
    A trade show’s goals may include product sales as well as lead generation opportunities.
  2. Select your show, then organise your efforts
    Create a calendar for pre-show and on-site action items, and meet with your staff regularly to monitor progress and discuss options.
  3. Create a display stand that sets you apart from other exhibitors
    Create dramatic 'larger than life' graphics that stop passers-by in their tracks.  Industry statistics suggests it takes 3 to 5 seconds for visitors to walk by a standard size display stand. Your display stand design needs to be functional and attractive that fits in your budget.
  4. Look for opportunites to increase your presence
    Be sure your company is well represented at both formal and informal events.
  5. Walk the floor and compare your marketing efforts with those of your competitors
    Check out the other booths and displays. Compare your marketing efforts to those of your competition and to others in the industry.
  6. Create 'buzz' in your booth
    Be sure to keep things lively with presentations, demonstrations, entertainment (if relevant), and give-aways. People are attracted to high-energy situations where others are engaged in stimulating conversation or having fun.
  7. Prepare your staff to optimise your presence and stand activities
    Prepare your staff to optimise presence, strategise staff activities, and train them to execute their roles.
  8. Recognise opportunites and pursue media relationships
    Industry shows draw the top names in trade journalism, so be sure to meet with media representatives at the show.

    9. Stay in the show hotel to allow you to network during the event
    Staying in the show-sponsored hotel allows you to network throughout your stay. You can make a friend by holding an elevator, waiting in line at the coffee shop, or hitting the treadmill in your hotel’s fitness centre. These casual meetings can turn into valuable contacts that could come in handy.

    10. Network, Network, Network!
    Be aware of golden opportunities. Look for reasons to be “at the right place, at the right time.” Don’t skip the host events, you will always come away with new and important contacts and ideas.

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*written by: C Jankowski