As I am sure you will agree, whether you are a business owner or marketing expert, you are always looking for ways to get greater value for your spend. Anything that reduces cost without comprising value or quality is well received and like all businesses, you will also be focussed on growing your sales revenue. 

So, with this in mind we start with a simple question – what are your business goals?

Perhaps you want to launch a new product or service, or generate new sales leads, or provide an interactive experience as a way of growing your database?  Whatever it is, we can help you define your objective and create a strong focus to make the whole process targeted and measurable for your business.

At Exhibit Group, we view your initial investment in display systems as one part of the overall solution. Having a robust plan for attending exhibitions is critical for successful face-to-face marketing.

Through in-depth discussions with our expert team, we will create a display concept that not only exceeds your expectations but will ensure your display stand provides a ‘wow’ factor every time.

What you can expect when you work with us:

  • Our team will meet with you to understand your business, discuss your needs and develop a detailed brief for your project.
  • As design can be personal, we consult with you on your style preferences before the concept creation stage.
  • By using the latest CAD design and rendering software we are able to produce unique and eye catching exhibition and display stands illustrated in detail from every perspective. With all components included you will quickly be able to see how your event site will be utilised.
  • Developed concepts will be reviewed with you and any necessary changes made to achieve a final design.
  • Once the concept is confirmed we will create a plan and timeline to ensure your project runs to schedule.
  • The artwork design can be undertaken by our in-house designers or we can work with your chosen agency.
  • The display concept is then printed and manufactured in our purpose built facility.
  • As part of our internal process, your display is pre-built for a final inspection and quality control.
  • We can then provide the logistics, transportation, installation and dismantle for your project.
  • If needed, other services can also include, training, storage and the ongoing maintenance of your display.


At Exhibit Group, our aim is to provide you with a total solution—delivering as much (or as little) as you require from your exhibition partner. 

Talk to us today about how we can make life a little easier for you!